Do you love it?.. Hot Dog on a Stick Inspirations

I’m going to let you all on a little secret.. when I’m not blogging on Filthy or being a “fashion student” I work at Hot Dog on a Stick. Yes it’s my dirty little secret that I think I can reveal to you now. Yes we make our own lemonade every 1.5 hours, yes people watch us jumping up and down and making it(many creepers), and yes they are called hot dogs on a stick not CORNDOGS cause they’re fresh. But I love it it’s a fun job and I get to work with people I love plus it’s the perfect job when your a student and can’t work too much. So today I am honoring Hot Dog on a Stick’s very hot uniforms.. do you love it.


Ps. All Hot Dog on a Sticks are offering free hot dogs every Tuesday!


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