What is Filthy Gorgeous Fashion?

Filthy Gorgeous Fashion is finding the beauty in the ugly, it’s being so filthy that it’s gorgeous, it’s being beautiful without knowing, it’s the feeling of putting on an outfit and feeling like you can get anyone you please, it’s the stop of the heart when something catches your eye, it’s coming to the realization that you are gorgeous and it took so many filthy times to realize it, it’s being 100 % comfortable with who you are, it’s having your style be a reflection of you, and it’s expression of fashion as seen through your eyes.

Filthy Gorgeous Fashion was created  as a creative release. It’s a place where all the pictures you save that inspire you can be found. It’s where you can feed your fashion addiction and know what is happening in the fast paced fashion world. It’s where you can indulge your senses and find your own style.


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