Trend Alert: Mad For Plaid

There is one trend you can always rely on to make an appearance in the fall and that of course is plaid. Plaid has never really gone out of style BUT what I am currently loving this year is the revival of plaid pants. I’ll never forget my first pair I got in 1998 from Limited Two ( the coolest place ever to shop when you were a tween in the 90’s) they were blue and I wore them to death. Plaid pants are pretty much amazing because they allow you to give your denim a rest. As much as you can love your fave pair of jeans you can also get super sick of them real fast once the temps drop. The trick with plaid pants is to pick a slimmer fit and allow them to be the vocal point of your outfit. Also I recommend sticking with darker color plaids like dark green and black and white hues-but if you want to get a lil crazy you can never go wrong with red plaid. What I love about plaid pants is how versatile they can be. You can easily dress them down with a pair of boots or dress them up with a pair of heels for dinner with the girls-ahmazing transitional piece to have in your wardrobe. Also if you are totally out of the loop,Clueless is reviving itself in a major way on the fashion scene right now. That being said, plaid skirts are also going to be killing it this fall. To avoid looking like a Catholic school girl, the trick is to replace them with your favorite bottoms and style accordingly. Meaning nix the knee highs and white button downs unless you really want to go the preppy route-which is totes Filthy approved. For those with a more edgy style, our beloved plaid button down’s we have been stashing away for the last year can finally be worked back into our wardrobes. These are an ahmazing layering piece as well as a great option for the tie-around-your-waist trend that is also sweeping the fashion crowd this fall ( see below for more on that). For a girly glam look, test our a plaid dress with a leather jacket for the perfect mix of feminine & edge.


Filthy Gorgeous Fashion

The Inspiration:


The Queen of plaid pants..Miss Gwen Stefani.






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