90’s Trends That Are Making A Major Comeback

If you know me, then you know that I am obsessed with the 90’s.Like any other decade, trends of their time are bound be repeated but right now there are so many 90’s trends coming back that it only proves that we are so bored with the 00’s that we have to live vicariously through 90’s with our fashion.Not gonna lie though,I am pretty excited to bring back a few of these trends we all grew up wearing(at least the cool kids).If you are going to start rockin one of these trends again, I recommend incorporating 90’s pieces it with items that are hot right now like maxi skirts or leather leggings/pants.

Get Inspired

Platform Sneakers

Hanna Beth of What She Wore rockin Spice Girl style platform sneakers and our ADDICTIONS Tank by Hips and Hair.

Thanks to the Spice Girls in the 90’s,sneaker platforms instantly make us think of GIRL POWER.I am so so excited this shoe trend is making a comeback! Now  you may disagree with me and think that those shoes should be left in the 90’s, but just remember to thank me when you wear them and your stems look longer and your feet aren’t killing you. Now you don’t have to go balls to the walls and actually wear the “Spice Girl” style,instead opt for a cool pair of Jeffrey Campbell sneaker platforms like these worn by Miley Cyrus.


When I think of overalls,I immediately am reminded of Alex Mack and her snapback hat (that’s next)or Clarissa Explains it all.Overalls are so 90’s,and what I am loving about their revamp is that I have been seeing leather ones which are pretty swoon worthy.This piece of clothing can easily go from cool to not  in a hot second so I definitely recommend getting inspiration on how to incorporate this piece into your day to day wardrobe on Pinterest on in fashion mags or right here on Filthy:). Right now I am lustin over these leather ones from Threadsence.The trick is to make them more sophisticated then the tomboy ones from the 90’s.

Photo Courtesy of http://www.kitthis.com/

Photo Courtesy of The Man Repeller.

Snapback Hats

I am not a huge supporter of this trend, but if you style it right,this fad could look pretty bad ass.I have noticed designers have been incorporating the animal print trend into snapbacks to give them more a fashionable flair and that make this trend a lil more fab to me.This also goes along with the sporty meets posh look I talked about in my last post so you can find a lil more inspiration there as well.

fuckyeahugly90sclothes:    (Submitted by zizzerzazzerzuzz)  I’m really, truly on the fence with this one. It’s pure ’90s, but it’s so pure it’s amazing. @zizzerzazzerzuzz, I tip my hat to you for this and the hooker submission. A+!

Photo courtesy of Sincerely Jules

Nicole Richie Obey Hat and Studded Chucks! This outfit is so me haha

Fanny Pack

My gma used to rock a fanny in 95′ complete with a shit ton of keychains and now 18 years later I get why.You feel so free! Don’t get me wrong I love dressing up and wearing my Rebecca Minkoff but having a fanny doesn’t weigh you down is pretty sweet thing.When my boyfriend and I went to San Fran a few years ago he brought a one that he got from a magazine,it was special edition by Andre the Street Artist. I wore it one day put all my shit in and never took that thing off the entire trip, it was awesome.

Not a Rihanna fan but she is rockin the fanny pack pretty nicely.

Courtesy of Glamour Magazine

Wearing my favorite fanny on my 25th.

Fuzzy Sweater/Cardigan

Yes these textured babies of the 90’s are super hot right now.

Filthy Tip:I love mixing the texture with studs and very feminine blouses.Add Leather pants to up the edginess.

1990s Alicia Silverstone

Fuzzy sweater. Would you wear it?Kate, you look fabulous.  Take that fuzzy sweater off!

Even Kate wore a gorgeous one for a quick change at her wedding.

Backpacks As Purses

Cher: Been shopping with Dr. Suess?
Dionne: Well at least I wouldn’t skin a collie to make my back pack.
Cher: It’s faux.

Enough said.

Wish I could afford one of by the Row,but probably would shit my pants to walk around wearing a 55,000 backpack!

The Row Damien Hirst Backpack

Courtesy of People Magazine.

Doc Martens

Because have they ever gone of out style?

Black, skinny jeans, hold all & doc martensSienna Miller Doc Martens

   xoxo Filthy Gorgeous Fashion


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