OOTD:Sporty Meets Posh

Sporty Meets Chic

image image image image image image image image

What I Wore

Hat: Brixton (actually is my bf’s)


Leather Leggings:Threadsence

Jacket:Coffee Shop/Similar Style

Sunglasses: Vintage Liz Claiborne

Fanny Pack:Urban Outfitters


I was lucky enough to spend Valentine’s Day with my bf of 6 years ( yes we have been together forever and a day)at my favorite place-Disneyland. Although we do have passes,I still treasure every singe time I am able to drag my bf there for a few hours. It was the perf Dland day,we got there early and made it on 4 rides in 3 hours which is some kind of record, I am sure.Also did I mention we rode the best rides there-Indiana Jones, Space Mountain,Haunted Mansion and Pirates. I had to pull a photo opp in front of the Haunted Mansion because it is so fricken cool. I stole my bf’s beanie to make this outfit look a bit more sporty:).

I am obsessed with those leggings from Threadsence I wore. Not only are they badass and super cute,they are also very comfortable-perfect for a Dland day. Also,my leopard print Minnetonkas are such a must have.They go with everything AND they are super chic. I am so obsessed with the Sporty meets Chic ( I am sure that is obvi right now) and I definitely urge you guys to give it a try!

xoxo Filthy Gorgeous Fashion


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