Get the Look:Sporty Meets Chic

Like Ferris said “Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” This ahmazing quote couldn’t be more true when it comes to our present age, we live in a world that works at a fast pace, meaning people depend on us to juggle a million things at once and on top of it, we somehow must find time for ourselves(gym time?).Time is so precious and if we are going to be running around all day it is always nice to feel cute while doing it.This brings me to a trend I see sweeping the fashion scene that I would like to share with you guys -the “Sporty Meets Chic” look.Ladies, you are going to love that this on the radar.Basically, you can go from the gym to dinner with the girls by simply adding a leather jacket and a comfy beanie to your gym attire(leggings and an oversized shirt-perfect).Don’t even worry about a shoe change, because guess what?Sneakers are being accepted as more than just a shoe to wear to the gym.For example,styling a pair of Nikes sneaks with a pair of leather leggings and a crisp blazer or throwing on a beanie with a military-esque trench coat and fitted patterned pants is totally hot right now. The trick is to create the perfect marriage of, in Spice Girl terms, Sporty and Posh Spice.You want to look super laid back yet ultra-stylish at the same time.Also,if you do come from the gym definitely freshen up-but that is obvi.Get excited to become comfortable AND stylish at the same time with less outfit changes throughout the day..loves it.

Warning: Just because sweatpants have the ability to look cute doesn’t mean you can abuse it:) Remember if you are going to wear something sporty you have to balance it with something chic or you will look like a hungover sorority girl that just rolled out of bed..not cute.

Filthy Gorgeous Fashion

What You’ll Need

Sporty-Chic Sneakers

What Filthy Loves: For a Day Look, For a Night Look

An Effortless Beanie

What Filthy Loves:For a comfy and o-so-chic beanie or For a cool tomboy feel

Must-have Leggings

What Filthy Loves:For the Fashionista or if you want to take your look from the treadmill to the bar.

A Sweet Pair of Shades

What Filthy Loves: The perfect everyday pair or these,if you want to be noticed

A Statement Jacket

What Filthy Loves:For the Rebel or when you are on the run-literally.

The Inspiration

As per usual,Gwen Stefani always shows us how to make anything cool.She made sweatpants look chic years you Gwen!


Photo courtesy of

Sincerely Jules has been killing it lately with the “Sporty-Meets-Chic” look. I love how she paired an effortlessly cool camo jacket (super hot right now) with a pair of bad-ass Adidas. It is so simple yet so fashion-forward at the same time. I definitely recommend going on her blog for style insp.

Even if you aren’t really going to the can still look like you burned a few cals(in the cutest way possible). Simple pair a leather jacket ( they instantly make almost every outfit look ahmazing) with a pair of leggings.Complete the look with a pair of sneakers;maybe invest in a cool pair that double not only as your workout go to’s but also as an everyday shoe you can throw on with almost anything.

Letterman jackets are going to be HUGE soon..mark my words.


Leather leggings+converse=so chic.


 photo IMG_7278682x455.jpg

Photos Courtesy of Camille Over the Rainbow Blog

Photo Courtesy of Rumi of FashionToast.

Photo courtesy of The Man Repeller.


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