Outfit of the Day:Merry X-Mas Loves!

20121230-074358.jpgNo one can deny the greatness that is the holidays.There is nothing more depressing then after holiday blues which are right around the corner(yay).Until then,I plan on relishing the last bit of the holidays left.High on my wish list this year was the Rebecca
Minkoff Continental Studded Wallet.Being that Christmas presents aren’t really a surprise anymore, I took it upon myself to actually pick out and order my new baby.Keep in my mind last year my Christmas gift was new tires (that is when you know you are old) so this year I had to lock down a good present.I skipped the Bloomingdales website and went straight to my trusty ebay and found this gem- which I immediately had to snatch up.Not only did I get a pretty sweet deal,the seller had it literally in my mailbox on Christmas morning.Ah thank you Ebay.

I was itching to wear sequin shorts for Christmas and happily found a pair in my sister’s drawer.You wouldn’t believe my excitement when I was able to actually fit into those babies with tights on(Forever21 shorts are apparently made for preteens).Paired with a simple button down with a studded collar and a pair of sneaker wedges given to me by my sissy; my Christmas outfit was instantly taken to another level.Those sequin shorts added the perfect touch of festive glamour that I wanted.


What I Wore

Top by Lush

Sequin Shorts by Forever 21

Tights by H&M

Sneaker Wedges by Bucco

Crossbody by Rebecca Minkoff





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