Filthy’s Holiday Must-Haves!


Well it seems like finally winter is upon us..thank God.When it is hot out it feels impossible to me to look cute because no matter what I am going to be sweating like a beast and that is never cute.But with winter there is so much to be excited about whether it be the holiday time (time to rev up Love Actually and the Holiday) or the fact that we can dress and layer ourselves into oblivion.There is no doubt in my mind that from November to January ish is the peak time to show off your fashion side.This is the time when I whip out my faux leopard coat that is a bit over the top but really to-die-for and one of my favorite accessories-tights. You would be amazed at how adding tights can bring a new spin to your day-to-day wardrobe.

Although I am literally broke as joke right now,I can still implement some of these holiday trends into my wardrobe and so can you! I am telling you it all about mixing and matching the new and the old.Here is some inspiration for the Holiday Season.

The Cape

Gwen Stefani is the perfect walking example of winter wear that is the epitome of chic and polished.First off you can’t go wrong with a cape unless you pair it with something baggy on the bottom. It is all about balance so if you wear something oversized on the top always offset it with something more fitted. I am also in love with her matching patterned top and pants.This is a bit of a new trend that can be a little intimidating because it is matchy matchy but when you add a statement accessory to it like Gwen with the cape you will be golden.Trust.

The OxBlood

Image courtesy of :Iabolinafashiondiary.blogspot.comoxblood.

The quickest way to update your wardrobe is to work in a oxblood colored piece be in the form of leather pants or your go-with-me-everywhere cross body. This color(consider it the new black) will instantly reboots your daily uniform.I recently went to Sephora to try to find a oxblood color that would work on me.I ended up looking like a Vamp, which might not be bad at a dinner party but not okay for a wedding so needless to say I still haven’t found my “hue”.Regardless, I definitely encourage you to go out of your comfort zone with this color and experiment just make sure that you look for a shade that compliments you.

Go Baroque


Baroque and Roll as Glamour Magazine says this Fall/Winter in lavish metallic brocades complete with heavy lace and regal prints. Out of all the trends this season,this one without a doubt, is the most intimidating but is also the most fierce. I suggest starting off with a baroque style dress, it is easy and you get the feel across immediately.If it feels like “too much” you can always tone it down with a simple coat.I also like a great fitted pair of baroque style pants they are so femme.

Sparkling Metallic

Courtesy of

MetallicsMetallics on Metallicsmetallics

You can never go wrong with metallics.Not only do they go with almost everything,they add just the right amount of shine to your ensemble.I got pretty excited when I saw those metallic pants,not only are they fierce, they are such an ahmazing holiday piece to replace your lived-in-all-year jeans.Another favorite? Metallic cap toe gorgeous!

Fur..Anything(Faux of Course)

Ashley Olsen-that fur!Fur vest!

Courtesy of WhoWhatWear.comFur Fur Fur

Courtesy of

Fur has become one of those staple pieces that you save in your closet all year just so it can make a brief appearance in the colder months.It is such a classic investment piece and it so effortlessly can add a glamorous allure to anything from your daily uniform to a party frock.It can be a bit of intimidating to wear because it is such a statement piece,but the trick is treating it like an accessory that is going to top off your look.Find fur pieces that hit either right at your hips or a little above.For a day look,style with a pair of skinny jeans,a long sleeve button down and a great pair of ballet flats-it says “I am so casual but also so glam” at the same time.For a holiday party,wear it with your favorite frock and pay attention to the color scheme.For example,if you have a leopard one,pair it with an emerald-green dress to help tone down it’s attention-getting power.


Camo shirt jacket

Courtesy of

Prints :: Camo jacketElizabeth and James Thoroughly Modern Military Trend - Runway Fall Fashion Trends 2012 - Harper's BAZAAR

Stand to attention this season in army-inspired piece!Again not a new trend, but what I am loving this season is the role that the camo jackets gets to play.I actually have a camo jacket that my boyfriend bought from an army surplus store for a photo shoot that I am probably gonna steal from him.What I love best about the camo is how it can surprisingly serve as a neutral piece in your ensemble,yet it still gives off such a badass vibe. Style military-esque jackets with leather pants or go a more unexpected-yet-sophisticated route and wear a fitted camo jacket with a gray tee,denim shorts,black tight and a pair of black suede velvet wedges for a look that is sure to get the attention of the fashion crowd.


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