Love it or Hate it:The Sneaker Wedge

When I first spotted Kate Bosworth wearing a mint maxi skirt and a pair of sneakers I thought instantly-Kate I love you but those shoes are really fugly;how could you wear such a thing?! I was confused as to why big fat sneakers were suddenly chic. Then I started seeing them in wedge form more and more and I suddenly kind of  found myself warming up to the idea of the whole athletic-shoes-gone-chic look.Now first off, navigate this trend carefully because I’ve only seen a select few wearable wedge sneakers.I definitely recommend checking out Nasty Gal’s array because they definitely have the cutest.If the sneaker alone is too much for you, I am also coveting the return of just the simple sneaker platform ( hello remember when Jack Purcell started making the platforms).I think that look still has the fun laidback grunge-meets-tomboy look but without the unwanted  basketball player feeling. Look for ones that aren’t overly puffy, I can’t deal with those kind-not cute. Also start of with a simple solid color-black and beige seem to be the best colors I’ve seen for these. Here is some inspo to get your started:

Photo Courtesy of Who What Wear

These Isabel Marant wedges are still a little too much -90’s toddler for me and for some reason I am immediately thinking that the kid in Honey I Blew up the Kids totally wore sneakers like this-but this girl just really owns them in her own way.

These are by far the cutest ones I’ve seen,notice they are a lot less puffy then the usual ones.

Alternative if you aren’t into the sneaker wedge,try a sneaker platform like these J Campbells.

Kate is rocking a pretty cute alternative as well again not too overly puffy rapper style.


Lindsay Lohan rocking her fave pair  more than once and do I dare say the knee highs aren’t so bad with them.

Photo Courtesy of StyleMania

Not a fan of her but I am of her Rebecca Taylor Isa leopard wedge,definitely on my wish list.



6 thoughts on “Love it or Hate it:The Sneaker Wedge

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  2. I’m not at all fond of this trend. I feel it’s a bit odd. and I feel that there is no RIGHT way to wear it. I’m on the fence with this one:/

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