Do You Love it? The Return of Docs & Creepers

As much as I wish I could transport myself to the 90’s again,the sad truth is I can’t(I am guessing I am not alone here).It is probably something I think about everyday ( not kidding) and probably why I have such a fixation with 90’s bands still-Garbage,No Doubt(obvi), Smashing name a few.That being said, the good news? We can relive the 90’s vicariously through our shoes, as 90’s shoes are stompin their way back to the fashion scene.Mainly Doc Martens and Creepers are going to be everything. It only seems right as the fashion scene is fixated on dead and anything gothic (seriously how many inverted cross tees have you seen lately).

I’ll never forget around 5th grade (circa 1998) begging my parents for a pair of Doc Martens. They were the DM Mary Janes that everyone was super obsessed.They also looked pretty amazing with the plaid jumpers that us Catholic school girls had to wear. But unfortunately I failed at getting my dad to pay over 100 bucks for shoes so I had to settle for Candies which I totally ended up being obsessed with and I have no problem giving myself credit for making those cool at my school.But to this day I still wish for a pair of Doc Martens and now that they are back on the scene, I just might have to do some crazy Ebay research to finally snatch up a pair (I ain’t no rich bitch).Ebay is my savior when it comes to buying shoes. *Filthy tip:Never pay full price for shoes.

Like I said, the goth look has already swept up the fashion scene and basically it just needs to stop being hot as balls so we can finally bust out our sweaters and jeans.If goth is not your thing, still incorporating a pair of Doc Martens into your wardrobe is a definite must have for Fall.Now by goth I mean tasteful goth not the I-am-a-walking-talking-Hot-Topic.Please keep that in mine when you rock these.

I totally credit No Doubt’s return and of course thee Gwen Stefani for bringing this bad ass shoe back to the fashion scene.Incorporate her favorite pair,the 1490 Cherry Red Smooth Doc Marten boots with feminine pieces like a bold blazer or a long maxi dress for a more pretty girl approach.Click this to buy her exact pair here for $130( if you are a rich bitch).

Another shoe to return from the 90’s/early 00’s is the creeper.They immediately take me back to sophomore year in high school when I would steal my friend Rack’s pair and wear them everyday..I was obsessed. Those and Dickies were the hottest thing ( for those who were born in the 00’s).This time around though mine won’t have those fugly hot pink punk stars on them and yours shouldn’t either-the more plain the better unless you are lucky enough to buy those glorious gold ones from Chanel(see below). Here is some inspo to help you be on your way to bringing back some 90’s goodness!

The Inspo

Gwen matches her signature red lips with the Red Cherry Docs.I seriously love this women.

3 ways to wear Doc Martins

Jessica Alba inspires with three different ways to rock the Cherry Red Docs.Perfs for those who aren’t into the goth look and who have a more chic style.

Agyness Deyn is basically the poster girl for DM’s these days.

Sienna Miller rocking pink Docs-yes please!

Lustin for these Nasty Gal Dionne Creepers but they are sold out:(


I’ll give Katy some credit for bringing the creepers back during Coachsmella.

Ultra-glam Chanel Creepers!

Chanel creepers because a girl can dream!

The dream.


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