Isn’t it Ironic..Don’t you think?

The beauty of an amazing song is its ability to perfectly describe your current life state or feelings at a given moment.That being said,Alanis Morisette’s Ironic is my life write now.A couple of months ago (to be exact) I got an amazing opportunity to work at a boutique sales company as a fashion dream job.I have no formal writing degree nor any experience copywriting.This blog has served as my only on going writing tool, yet, that was enough to get me hired.

I was so excited, finally my first full time job…in an office. The 9-5 lifestyle that somehow makes you feel/look more like an adult.This transition was probably one of the hardest changes I have ever gone through.To go from freelance working for a year to being in an office..with other people..working 50 hours a week..waking up at the ass crack of dawn(to me it was) was a definite lifestyle change.Yet somehow I got myself through it,although I probably had a mental breakdown at least once a week (thanks Jonathan for dealing with my crazy ass). The office life was literally like high school with “adults”. There were still the clicks,the gossip, the politics. I found it best to just stay a “neutral” and observe it as an outsider.Although I struggled with the crazy deadlines and finding a “voice” to represent the company, I surprised myself and got through it.

Last week, I finally felt like I had mastered a schedule that didn’t require me having to be the last one in the office three times a week.But a wrench was quickly thrown into the situation, lets just say the company wasn’t doing so well and layoffs were taking place. I was sure I’d be one of the first to go, as I only had worked 2 months and I was on the creative side of things.Sure enough, Friday after lunch, I was given “the talk” and told to pack my things up.It was one of the strangest experiences that I have had happen to me.There was so many emotions going through my mind..on one hand I was happy to leave because I felt like I was being underpaid for the crazy amount of work I was given to complete.Not to mention, I was constantly stressed from the moment I woke up, till when I would go to bed. No wonder why our society is going crazy,work literally takes over your life-especially these days. To the parents out there, I applaud you for working full time and taking care of your children. I don’t know how you do it and I sincerely respect you for that.Anyways,back to my mixed emotions. On the other side, a part of me felt a little like a failure. I had finally proved to my parents, to everyone that I could do something with my “fashion school” degree but quickly the moment seized to exist.

Immediately after I got home, I looked over the “saved” jobs I had from the FIDM website. I always like to have some back up incase shit hits the fan,like it did. I had one saved that interested me but the start day was three weeks overdue-meaning they probably already found someone. I e-mailed them anyway and quickly was given a response on a Saturday,no less, that they thought I would be a perfect fit with their team.Not to put all my eggs in one basket, but it turns out this job was exactly was I need in my life right now..isn’t it ironic?

Times are tough right now, no matter what anyone says. Although I don’t know how the hell Disneyland remains crowded as balls or why we still have to be put on a waiting list when we go dine out. Either people are like “fck it” we are going to live life while we can or everyone is just living off the plastic which I am guessing is the most definite reason.To my generation, life is hard on us. We are expected to work for FREE for companies so they can avoid having to pay us for training. Then once we are hired we are expected to work two people’s jobs for one salary. It is bullshit and it is really a travesty. But it is what it is. My advice, is to know what you are worth. If you really want to work for your dream company, then an internship is excusable but ONLY if it means you are guaranteed a job after. To my fellow workers in the fashion industry, hang in there. Although the money isn’t in this line of work, at least you are doing what you love, which is more that a lot of people could say. Just know that hard work does really pay off and good things do come to those who work for them.


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5 thoughts on “Isn’t it Ironic..Don’t you think?

  1. I’m sorry you got laid off missy! I’ve been laid-off once and fired once! It is just what you said, you’re happy to be out of a negative situation, but you also feel like you have failed. The good thing is that our generation is so resilient! We are used to not having stable jobs and can quickly react to change. Sounds like you handled it well and landed on your feet! Bravo 🙂 xoxo -Martini

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