Do You Love It:Body Jewelry

Sick of seeing the same jewelry?Well rest assured, filthy has some new trends in jewelry on the rise for you.A new trend that has been catching my eye lately is body jewelry.This being harnesses,headpieces,shoulder jewelry,hair necklaces, and hand harnesses. These body jewelry styles present a new twist on the classic necklaces,rings and bracelets we all have been rocking for years.This is an exciting trend to me because although I am not a HUGE jewelry person I am all about rocking statement pieces.The trick with body jewelry is to let it be the focus of your outfit especially with the harness pieces.Have fun wearing these new unique pieces and maybe even try to create your own pieces of jewelry with the DIY’s below!

Harness Jewelry

Erin Wasson wearing a Harness Chain

Rumi of Fashion Toast rockin her own DIY Body Harness

body jewlery

Wear the harness jewelry over a simple plain top paired with a blazer.Start off with a simple chain harness and make sure not to over accessorize with other jewelry! Here is a great DIY link from Monoxious where you can create your own harness!

Shoulder Jewelry

shoulder jewelryButterfly - Shoulder and Necklace Piece!    # Butterfly, Vintage,Weddings, Jewelry  @Efrat Davidsohn

Shoulder Jewelry is the perfect intro into harness jewelry.If you feel uncomfortable wearing a harness right off the bat,then try the shoulder jewelry trend first and then gradually experiment with harness jewelry.Again with the shoulder jewelry you really don’t need any other jewelry maybe just some rings to give you a boho look.

Hand Harness

Heart Chain Hand Harness by ASOS Collection

Available at ASOS for 14.32!

Surrender Brass Chain Double Finger Hand Harness by dearbearcat, $34.90

Virginie Millefiori available for $55

These are the perfect alternative to a bracelet and ring! These are perfect for spring and summer paired with a maxi dress and a floppy hat.

Hair Necklace/Headpieces

Hair Necklace from the Beauty Department..DIY on how to make your own!

hair necklace

Headpiece is b-a-n-a-n-a-s!Nicole Richie headpiece

Perfect for covering up a bad hair day! They are a great vocal point for any outfit and are so effortless chic.


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