The Day Thee Grace Coddington,Vogue’s Fashion Editor Mentioned Filthy Gorgeous Fashion..

It all started last week..the week of March 19th to be exact.I was reading my April 2012 issue of Vogue(the one with JLo on the cover) and came across “Checking In”,an editorial shot my Tim Walker with Kate Moss as the model and the legend Grace Coddington as the Fashion Editor(if you don’t know who Grace Coddington is then you must discover now).It is no surprise that Grace is basically the person I look up to most in the fashion industry.Her talent is unlike any others and she truly has an amazing life story ( look out for her memoir coming out in October).I actually researched her in my Fashion Styling class at FIDM and this is when I really fell in love with her work and her talent as an artist.After seeing that editorial,I felt really inspired and motivated, (I posted about this below) so much so that I decided to “facebook message” Grace.I did it with the intent being that I just wanted to her to know what a fan of her work I was and how she truly inspires me.I really was not expecting a response,I mean she is thee Fashion Editor for Vogue.Then this past Saturday just before I was about to watch “Martha Macy May Marlene” starring Elizabeth Olsen (definitely recommend it), I decided to refresh the Fbook and to my utter surprise the first post was by Grace Coddington with the following comment “Check out this fabulous fan blog. Keep up the good work Kolbie Richardson” I do not exaggerate you when I say I started screaming.My boyfriend was wondering what the hell was going on and then when I told him I started crying.It was just a simple status on Facebook,but to me it was a life changer.To know that she actually read my message and most likely visited this blog is unbelievable to me.It really was an amazing moment I will remember and cherish forever.To everyone who reads Filthy or whoever has read anything on my blog,thank you.You really don’t know how much it means to me and what joy it gives me to have this as a creative outlet for me.

Thank you Grace & My Filthy Gorgeous Readers,

xox Filthy Gorgeous Fashion


5 thoughts on “The Day Thee Grace Coddington,Vogue’s Fashion Editor Mentioned Filthy Gorgeous Fashion..

  1. OMG, congrats on your Grace Coddington shout out. She is amazing, and its so inspiring that she reached out to you. Keep doing what you do!!!

  2. Screaming!? I would have been having kittens if she had mentioned my blog! She is my bloody style icon and this from a woman who does not like Icons… Go Grace! After seeing her in ‘The September Issue’ my whole style philosophy changed: I hope for the better.

    • Yess it was literally one of the best things that has ever happen to me haah..I fell in love with her in September Issue too! As far as I am concerned she is the creative mind behind Vogue! She is having a book coming out in Oct that you would like so be on the look out.
      Thanks for reading Louise!
      xox Filthy Gorgeous Fashion

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