Fear is the Thief of Dreams

The beauty of fashion is it is always changing yet somehow it is always the same.I am enamored with how others interpret fashion in their own way whether it’s through their fashion,their creative eye or their artwork.I love that I can see an editorial that can literally give me goosebumps and surge an electric shock of inspiration through me.When I can feel so inspired that I can make or do anything I can dream of.These moments I treasure and when they happen they can absolutely transform my day.I am at a place in life where I know fashion is what I want to do but it is sometimes hard to keep that fire of inspiration and determination lit when some days are so filled with doubt.

 I just came across an editorial in Vogue’s April 2012 issue that just did that,the electric shock of inspiration,the goosebumps,the absolute need to create something or do something that moment.It is moments like these that keep my passions alive.This editorial is photographed by the iconic Tim Walker,with Grace Coddington as the Fashion Editor( my personal favorite stylist) and the always amazing Kate Moss as the model.The name of the editorial is called “Checking Out” the story behind it,because every great editorial has one is as follows”Fashionable guests recall the glory and glamour of the storied Ritz Paris,which,before closing its doors for renovation,hosts Kate Moss in haute couture one last time.”

Thank you Tim,Anna,Grace,Kate and Vogue.

Enjoy and be inspired today.

xox Filthy Gorgeous Fashion

Courtesy of US Vogue.


2 thoughts on “Fear is the Thief of Dreams

  1. We all experience fear at one point in time or another. Actually fear is a great way to keep us from hurting ourselves.

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