The Olsen’s Do Elle’s UK Magazine April 2012

Hello my name is Kolbie and I am obsessed with the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.This obsession is no surprise if you follow my blog or my Pinterest where I have dedicated a board to the Olsen’s  because they deserve an entire board on my Pinterest.I grew up with the Olsen’s like most girls my age and these ladies literally to me, are the only people who can pull off anything in the fashion world. They’ve set trends that really hadn’t been rocked before and are designers for not one but TWO companies,Elizabeth and James and The Row.I respect their hard work in the industry,their ability to be constant style inspirations to me since age 5,and also would like to thank them for making such movies as “Island in the Sun”,”Double Double Toil and Trouble”,” In a New York Minute” and “To Grandmother’s House We Go”.Now it is time to drool over their Elle Editorial.


Filthy Gorgeous Fashion

Ps.I will someday master their perfectly messy wavy hair.

All images are courtesy of UK Elle Magazine April 2012.


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