Spring into these Trends!

I have been waiting to do a post on my trip to Vegas and my experience at Pool Trade Show but some pictures(made me so excited) I have been waiting for aren’t up yet.But after being at the trade show I have so many trends I spotted that are going to be super hot in Spring that I wanted to share with my filthy readers.I have been compiling little trends here and there that I notice and I can’t wait to share them so you guys can be on top of them too!

Mullet Skirts

  Bringin back the mullets..skirts!Yesssss Maxis will still be around for Spring,which makes me way to happy.Maxis are just the perfect piece of clothing to take your outfit to the next level.I found a mullet maxi skirt at Buffalo Exchange for 12 bucks! I just about died of excitement.I wore it to the Tradeshow when I was working and literally saw at least 10 people that day with the same kind of skirt on.The great thing about the mullet skirt is that you are able to flash a little bit of leg which is super hot. Be on the lookout for some!

I am lovin K Cav’s Mullet Skirt in floral print.

zara asymmetric skirts Style on Trial: Asymmetric skirts at Zara

Zara Mullet Skirts.

My mullet skirt from Buffalo Exchange..rocked it on my 24th.

Trends:  wrap mullet skirt, Blousey Blouses, New-school cat eyes, maxi skirts with platforms

Courtesy of dirtndiamonds.blogspot.com.

Nail Art

Nail art has been blowin up lately if you haven’t noticed and I have been so obsessed with all the ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest on different ones to try.Nail art is perfect to try when you are bored and want to spruce up your look.I definitely recommend going on Pinterest and searching for some to try ( don’t forget to follow my boards:http://pinterest.com/misskolbie/.Glitter is huge right now for nails so try out a gold and silver and just painting tips on your nails or outlining your nails in glitter is a great way to start of your nail art obsession.Pinned Image

Gold outlines nails..I tried this and it was pretty easy.Use a very skinny brush to paint the glitter around your nail and then paint a light pink in the middle.

...encrusted nails #nails#Nailsleopard accent manicure

Socks & Wedges

I know you are thinking “What the hell that is so a faux pas”! But actually this trend I see slowly growing and if rocked correctly is actually pretty cute.First off, if you are little on the fence about trying this,I suggest maybe pairing this look with a Mullet skirt or something that just will show a hint of the sock.Once you get comfortable pair it with skirts and shorts but keep in mind that your ensemble can not clash because of the socks.If you get a little ballsy with this maybe try printed socks or even knee highs.I’ve also seen people wear tights and socks over the tights (same color I would start off with) and then wearing the wedges or platforms.Speaking of wedges,floral ones are going to be huge this Spring so be on the look out for some.

hair. skirts. socks and wedges.mmmm, ruffles socks and wedges.

white Mango cardigan - light brown shirt - red socks - black wedges

Courtesy of http://www.chictopia.com/AngelaAland.

Emma Roberts is rockin those knee highs..NEED those leopard wedges now!

Courtesy of http://flossy-theviewfromhere.blogspot.com/.


Nicole Richie Nicole Richie dressed in a fabulous brown leather dress  joins a celebrity audience at the Givenchy Ready to Wear Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 show in Paris as part of Paris Fashion Week.

This really isn’t a new trend but it is definitely here to stay.Leather be it pants,skirts,shorts,jackets,or dresses are still totally needed this Spring.I confess, I just bought a pair of leather shorts at H&M for 25 bucks! I looked for so long for a pair and finally snatched them at a good price.Just be aware of the really cheap looking leather and avoid ( it usually is shiny).Something about leather just takes your outfit beyond into the next level of chic.So collect away anything leather you can get your paws on!

I am not a huge Whitney fan,but she def rocked these leather shorts in the right way! I love leather shorts paired with light sweaters and knits!

Rachel I love you! You can do no wrong..leather paired with a knitted top is so perfs for Spring!

Ashley Olsen rocking a leather skirt!

The Olsens love leather!


Thanks to Miss Nicole Richie,kimonos are becoming such a chic item to own.Kimono jackets or dresses again just bring your outfit to another level and make you look so boho chic.I wish I could afford the Winter Kates ones ( got one on sale at Hautelook) and if you can I think hers are the best. I’ve seen but definitely good ol H&M and Forever ( got one there too) have them.I love wearing a maxi dress under them or even paired with shorts is one of my fave looks ( love the contrast of the long jacket and the short shorts).

Mary-Kate’s Kimono Dresses

My favorite icons wearing their Kimono Jackets.

Nicole’s Winter Kate Kimonos..I own the one she is wearing:)

Floppy Hats & Vintage Swimwear

Floppy hats are just so glamorous..put one of those babies on and you’ll feel like a movie star.Another glamorous trend is vintage swimwear.It is going to be huge this spring and summer.The only thing I am a little worried about is having a soccer mom ass in the vintage swimwear but I am sure I can find a way around that.Pairing your vintage swimwear with a floppy hat,cat eye sunglasses and wedges will  surely make some heads turn.Makes me excited just thinking of it! I found some pretty reasonable vintage bathing suits on ModCloth and  I will be on the look out for you guys for some good ones for a good deal.

Vintage Swimwear!vintage swimwear

Anthropologie vintage inspired swimwear.


Crochet shorts

Crochet shoes,dresses,shorts,wedges,tops all perfect for the hot months to come.I just found a perfect crochet dress at H&M for 30 bucks,can’t wait to wear it in some outfit photos for you guys.Crochet just gives off the feeling of laid back and chic.Like floral,I feel like crochet will always be acceptable in Spring.

I am not a Kardashian fan,but I love Kourtney’s crochet dress and cat eye sunglasses.

Kate is wearing a crochet dress with ankle boots,ankle boots are huge this spring as well!

Linday Lohan in a crochet maxi dress.

Crochet Dress

crochet shorts

Courtesey of becauseimaddicted.net

crochet shorts


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