Another year older..

Yesterday it was my 24th birthday.How the hell am I already 24? Feels like I just turned 21,time does fly by the older you get.I had such a beautiful day and was blown away by all the birthday love and wishes I received.I am truly blessed with amazing family and friends.I have so many goals I really want to accomplish by the time I am 25 so we shall see if I get to cross anything off the list by this time next year.

Saturday I am leaving with the boy for POOL Tradeshow.I am super excited/anxious for our second show for Hips and Hair.I really am blown away by how the product has evolved into it’s own.I am especially proud of our new styles we customed will lust for them once we release the collection. I will be hardcore on top of my outfit posts ( I am getting better at posting..right?).I am currently planning out the outfits for the week!

Wish us Luck!

xox Filthy Gorgeous Fashion

(H&M Lace Tank,Maxi Skirt from Buffalo Exchange,Sam Edelman “Adena”Shoes,Bulu Roots Headpiece)


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