The Edelmans Have Arrived!

I have been lustin for the Adena by Sam Edelman shoe for quite some time and after obsessively searching on Ebay I came across an actual good deal.I ended up getting them for 90 bucks(shipping added)verses the 150 they usually cost. I am telling you guys if there is anything you have been dying to have but can’t afford it usually ( like me) look on Ebay.I have had such good experiences finding things I wanted and could never buy for a good price and in good condition.A couple suggestions on how to buy,I recommend looking at the buyer’s scores before bidding on their item and also waiting to bid on something you want till the last minute of it being available.That way you have more control over the bidding process and can probably snake it from everyone else at the last second.

Lately, I have been obsessed with studding! It is amazing how you can transform something plain into having so much detail and attitude.If you want to buy studs I recommend a great fellow blogger for studding inspiration is really got me motivated to stud everything in site.From jackets,to headbands to can stud it all! Share with me on Filthy’s Facebook Page your studding creations!


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