The Power of Accessories

(Forever 21 Shawl,House of Harlow 1960 “Nicole”Sunglasses,Vintage Shorts,Minnetonka Boots,Unknow tights)

I am obsessed with this shawl,my new House of Harlow 1960 Sunglasses that my bf got me for Christmas and my Minnetonka boots which I also got for Christmas.My outfit would be nothing without those three accessories.This shawl is super versatile and you can literally wear it in so many ways.These sunglasses scream vintage glamour and are even more perfect because I have no eye makeup on today (oops:)). My Minnetonka boots instantly transform any outfit into boho chic.I’ve seen my style icon Nicole Richie rockin these for years and finally after lustin for them for forever I asked for them for Christmas.You need to own a pair of Minnetonkas! I also tried a new hairstyle inspired by Pintrest ( ! I am a bun fiend so when I saw a way to incorporate a braid into the mix I got super excited:) Check it out in my pics! Super easy to do and adds a little extra to the every day bun.


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