Do You Love it?Dusters and Fur Jackets

I am so excited that it is finally starting to get cold out I was getting sick of  it being hotter the hell in the middle of October.I was savoring every moment when it would be cold enough that I would need a jacket, that sadly became rare moments. I have been noticing in the trend department two trendy jackets this season.They are feather dusters( basically a long cardigan that comes from mid thigh to the floor) and Fur Jackets. Feather dusters are totally 7th grade for me, I owned a couple of them.One of my faves was a glamorous one that  had a boa like collar and I still have it to this day,shall be rocking that soon. Fur jackets are also on the scene but I mean when have they not been? They are like Leather Jackets in the sense that they will forever be classic.Use Fur Jackets to spice up a super casual outfit. The trick with fur is to mix it with casual looks or else you might look a lil hoochie mama.Dusters are just the perfect new cardigan for the winter time I definitely recommend trying them out as well!

Madame De La Rosa


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