Do You Love it? Pastel Hair & Colored Tips

I literally have had my hair dyed every color since 6th grade when I had a bad case of Sun In ( warning NEVER use if you aren’t full on blonde or you will be a pumpkin head for the next 5 years). I literally couldn’t get it out of my hair and the sad part was I thought it was cool at the time. Anyways I am to the point where nothing really excites me too much with hair dye the last exciting thing was ombre and that was because I didn’t have to dye my roots constantly. Then came pastel hair and I got way too obsessive with wanting to try. Now I am not saying dye your hair blue like the runway models but I definitely think it is exciting to put a few strands of pink if your a blonde or blue if your a brunette in your hair for fun. It is a nice change up and it doesn’t have to permanet. Take a note from My Little Pony and test it out. I am having my hair girl ( shout out to Autumn) do mine this week and I will definitely share!. I would love to see your looks if you test it out..upload them on my Filthy Gorgeous Fashion Facebook Page. Check out my inspiration board I created below!

Filthy Gorgeous Fashion

Pastel Hair Inspiration

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