My Mission For Missoni For Target

September 13th,2011 for those you who don’t know( living under a rock?) was the release of  The Missoni for Target Collection that everyone had anxiously been waiting for. I knew about this and to be honest I wasn’t going to be one of those people waiting outside of Target ready to fight some bitches for some Missoni. But when my sister said she wanted to get a car charger for her IPOD at Target I figured “Oh a perfect opportunity to see what this Missoni Collection everyone had been buzzing on Facebook over.” We went to Aliso Viejo Target and I immediately went towards the Missoni signs in the clothing section but under them was just the typical Mossimo clothing that no one cares about. I was confused “Where was the Missioni”? We walked around the store and started noticing that every section was wiped out of Missoni it was like Target was robbed. Then from afar I spotted some Missoni..for BABIES and to our surprise it was cute..dammit only if we weighed 80 pounds or had a cute child. We ventured to the shoe section and I spotted the Missoni flats which were unfortunately size 11(only good time to be that size)! They were adorable and looked just like the $400 dollar ones that none of us can afford. We flagged down a Target employee who had no idea what Missoni was untill we repeated it to her three times, she said a shipment was coming later in the afternoon. We contemplated waiting, then realized we didn’t have the money to buy crap tons anyways so it would just be depression. We ran into a women in the shoe section with a Missoni pillow that she offered us after we had a fun little chat about how crazy people were getting about Missoni. She offered us our pillow which we passed up but we thanked her for the sacrafice. After seeing the kid rain boots and the size 11 flats we though game on we were on a mission for a good piece of Missoni. As we walked towards the exit doors, we spotted three middle age women who were apparently the bitches that robbed all the Missoni. They had three cart full to the BRIM ( wish I got a picture) of Missoni everything. From a bed spread, to a mat, to every clothing Missoni put out and you just know they were all getting ready to sell it for double the price on Ebay smart ladies right there. I convinced my sister to drive to the Racho Santa Margarita Target and for those you who don’t know it is located right by Coto De Caza a.k.a where some of the Real Housewives of Orange County live even though none of them live in there anymore. My sister was hesitant she said if things were sold out in Aliso they had to be sure be sold out in Santa Margarita. But I told her of how I had found the crossbody Mullbery purse that I had been craving there three weeks after it’s release there. Those people can afford the real deal so they have no reason to the get the Missoni for  Target brand. I eventually found a Missoni dress that a women had put back that actually look like real Missoni, I bagged it knowing I could never wear it around my boyfriend he just wouldn’t understand.My sister picked up a laptop cover and we contemplated the rose bath rug but unfortunately it doesn’t go with our bathroom decor so we had to let it go:( Overall it was a successful and fun adventure. It was so comical to see middle age women robbing the stores of Missoni, very entertaining and it really made my Tuesday. If you are still on a misson yourself look at ghetto Targets where people don’t even know what Missoni is you will be sure to find something there.Below is some pictures from our adventure. In them you will find a picture of my sister fitting the both the kid’s rose printed jacket and cape which I tried to convince her to buy. Our saddness to see the size 11 flats definitely did not fit.The rose bath mat that was hard to put back. Last but not least my Missoni dress I purchased can’t wait to wear it with some wooden wedges,bun and a brown belt.


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