Here Comes The Bride:Wedding Inspiration

This year has been wedding madness I will be attending three weddings two of which I have already attended and one where I will be a bridesmaid (so excited) and let me tell you I am getting a crazy wedding itch from them. Last night I attended a beautiful wedding of a family friend and it honestly was surreal. It is so amazing to witness a couple so in love and just so happy to be spending the rest of their lives together. Especially in a time period where a lot of people tend to be believe in marriage anymore. I understand why people freak out about getting married it’s one of the biggest faith leaps you can take in your life but it also can be one of the best choices in your life. I also believe marriage isn’t for everyone and that we all shouldn’t just conform to it because it has been such a tradition in our history. The interesting thing with me is that I have no idea what I want at all for my wedding which is crazy because if you know me you would think I already have planned out every single detail. But to me it’s a bit exciting having no idea what I want. Also not gonna lie I am finally starting to compile some things that I would like. I have been so obsessed with wedding blogs these days and I wanted to share you guys my favorite ones I’ve have come across just in case you want to get starting your own wedding inspiration.

1. Bridal Snob– Really amazing inspirational pictures for you to steal.Notice the tall neckline. Look for more of this in next year’s wedding dress designs.

2.The Cinderella Project: Every kind of inspiration from dresses to table inspo.

3.La Belle Bride: If you are into the vintage wedding must check out this blog of real weddings done vintage.

paris wedding

4.Wedding Chicks– Inspiration from real weddings.

5.Style Me Pretty– Another blog with wedding inspiration from actual weddings.



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