Do You Love it? Mullet It!

Fall Sneak a Peek

Mullet Skirts,Shirts,and Dresses are going to be super hot for the Fall!

So I know your thinking Mullets are not hot what the hell are you saying. But we are talking about the “Mullet Style” and not hair wise. Mullet style anything be it shirts,skirts or dresses are a perfect transition into Fall.Not to mention it gives you one last chance to show off those stems of yours until the cold months come and you start to forget what your legs look like/you skip shaving them because of it. I am loving this trend so much because maxi skirts are just perfect and any variation of them I am all for. Also I just bought ( my sister and I decided to split it since we both would wear it.Sisters I suggest this!) a mullet style shirt from H&M where it is short in the front long in the back and I am in love. It’s just another way to spice up a boring button down. Be on the look out Filthy readers because this style will be blowing up soon!

Here’s the Inspo:

Flowy and beautiful! Love this on Emma Roberts!We love this, Jessica Alba!


3 thoughts on “Do You Love it? Mullet It!

  1. I love this style it’s incredible it’s funny how many names there are for this style. I’ve heard the High/low skirts and dresses the mullet is so much more fun! Thanks so much your amazing. Oh and my twin sister is in the process of getting into FDIM! In LA as well.

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