Royal Wedding Edition: Kate Middleton’s Hat Style

In the spirit of the royal wedding I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to do some serious royal research. As you know this royal wedding is the talk of the town and it is really exciting but at the same time a little upsetting for anyone who had a dream of marrying Prince William ( me included) but at least Kate is a great style icon for us to look up to. I wanted to start off with hats because we all know Kate rocks some pretty statement hats a lot of the time. Hats are sometimes a really underrated accessory but they have more power than you know. They can really enhance an outfit very easily,think bikini and a simple hat=very chic. Hats are really popular this summer going with that 70’s look that is hot. But now we have Kate as a great Style Icon especially when it comes to her hat choice.


Get Kate’s Hat Style

Vintage hat
$110 –

Philip treacy hat
459 GBP –

$195 –

Wedding hat
39 GBP –

Blue hat
$115 –

Black hat
$32 –

Kokin wide brim hat
189 GBP –

Vintage hat
359 GBP –

Precis Petite fascinator hat
23 GBP –

Vintage hat
259 GBP –

Maison Michel costume hat
360 GBP –

TopShop black hair accessory
$16 –

Dusty Blue Royal Affair Fascinator
63 GBP –

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