Gotta Have It:Olsen’s New Eyewear Line

“The teeny-tiny fashionistas are introducing a line of glasses to their Elizabeth and James label, and the black frames pictured here are polarizingly hip (much like the Olsens’ style). Love ’em or loathe ’em, you know hipster princesses with bad eyesight and money to burn will devour the designs like scary ladies going haywire for Oprah’s “Favorite Things.”-Omg Yahoo

The line will have 13 different styles and retail $155 to $265..looks like I’m gonna be buying a new pair of specs:)

Here’s what the ladies had to say:“The design aesthetic in the optical collection is a true reflection of Elizabeth and James’ essence. A classic feel with a modern sensibility.”“We’re testing the market first and obviously these are four very different silhouettes, so we’re seeing what people are responding to and we’ll open up a couple more silhouettes for fall. We tried to find certain pieces that look good on more than one face, to pay close attention to how they fit certain faces and make them wearable at the same time.”Designing eyewear was definitely more complicated than we thought, and of course, we wanted to be extremely hands-on.”-WWD

Geek chic?
Elizabeth and James
George Burns chic?Elizabeth and James


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