Filthy’s Must Have Spring Trends

Spring Trends

Spring Must Haves


Betsey Johnson shoes - Forever21 dress - Forever21 top - hello kitty watch

Long Skirts: I am obsessed with long skirts right now it’s a nice change from the everyday denim I always live in. Believe me once you put one on you will feel so chic and so comfy. I love wearing them with a more fitted top to balance out the long skirt. Another option, I bought a black long tube dress and layered a lace top over came out pretty cute.( in picture)

Leather Shorts: I have yet to find a good pair of leather shorts that don’t make me look like a hoochie. I saw some cute ones at Urban I might have to get.Stick with a more baggy kind of look rather than fitted and tight.

Floral Shorts: Huge right now, floral shorts are again a nice change from jean shorts. Match with a solid top if you want to get crazy you can mixed patterns but it can get dangerous.


Pink or White Blazer: pink and white blazers are a great change from the black ones we had in fall. They give off a very polished look and it brightens up your wardrobe.

Drape tops: Think Winter Kate jackets very relaxed looking floral and some have a sheer look to them which I am lusting over.

Leather Jackets: Such a staple in your wardrobe. I also wear one and they are just the perfect tie in for any outfit.

Army Green Jackets: Again another new color to add to your wardrobe I love army green and nude. Nude is my color I am infatuated with right now.

Knitted Tops- I love knitted tops long sleeve or short very boho chic. Think Missoni kind of knits perfect to pair with denim shorts or a long skirt.


Rosary Necklaces : I love rosarys to pair as a statement necklace so feminine and a perfect finishing touch.

Cat eye sunglasses: How infatuated with these have a I been! 2 years now I told you guys these were going to be huge and I am so happy.. they are so posh.

Feathers: Feathers in your hair,earrings necklaces all must haves maybe not all at once. But in small doses totally fun to rock.

Snake-Skin: This is a little random trend I see secretly popping up when I shop celebrities at my job on Pixspree. There’s been a lot of snake skin pumps and clutches that people have been rockin.


Flatforms- Still looking for some of these babies. I love them so 70’s and so comfy yet you get some height still. I am not a huge high heel wearer so wedges,platforms,flatforms I am all about. Share with me if you guys have found any great ones.

Wedges: Like I said totally 70’s and easy to walk in. Just found those leopard ones which I have been looking for forever so excited.

Oxford Shoes: Still love them, great Spring/Summer shoe think of them as the new flats. Again love them in nude/pink.

Would love to see how you my readers are rocking these looks. Follow me on facebook @ Filthy Gorgeous Fashion and post your pics!


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