Inside my Filthy Closet

I had a reader’s request to see some of my shoes in my closet. So I went ahead and put together a little collage of my favorite shoes I own. It is amazing how every shoe I have also has some kind of story and attachment.

1. Deeny & Ozzy- I got these babies at Urban Outfitters when I went to visit my sister in Santa Barbara they are by far my favorite dressy shoes. Mostly because I can actually walk in them and not be in pain and I love the feather details. I also got them for 40 bucks..a total steal!

2.Lucky BrandThese shoes are my hippy chic shoes. I love wearing these with long skirts and maxi dresses or paired with skinny jeans and a flowy top. Again because they are platform they are super comfy and give me so height which is also a nice perk.

3. Aldo- I was searching last summer forever for some cork wedges that looked like a shoe so again I could actually walk in them. I ordered these off Aldo and was so excited for them because I got a good deal and they were just what I was looking for. When I received them I realized although they were my size they were a bit small. I refused to not wear them so I just been trying to stretch them out since they are cotton and I think it’s working.

4. Vintage Halston- These are my decorative shoes, my aunt gave these to me and I haven’t worn them yet. They are too delicate to wear so I rather just save them and admire them.

5. Betsey Johnson- I love love love these. They are my newest shoes I just purchased them and I am in love with them. First of all love the nude color it goes with everything and it has a feminine ballerina look to them. They are comfy and oxford looking which was I was looking for.

6.Forever21- I got these leopard shoes at Forever21. I love leopard and I love sequins so these are one of my favorite dressy shoes. I love wearing them with my black crop jeans.

7.Jeffrey Campbell- These are actually my sister’s shoes but she never wears them so I took over. These are super cute flats because they’re is so much going on. I love that I can dress up an outfit with them on days when I don’t want to wear high shoes.

8. Betseyville- These are my sister’s too but I wear them as well ( beauty of having a sister). These are so funky looking and great paired with jeans. Can you tell by now how obsessed with wedges I am..

9. Toms- I love love love my sequin Toms. I have the silver ones too. I got these for Christmas from my bf before anyone else had them. I used to get so many compliments and actually still do. I really am a flats person so I love these because they have the sequins to dress them up but the comfort as well.

10. Betsey Johnson- These shoes are my babies,my prized possession. I got these for my senior prom and I will love them forever. They are satin and so chic and comfy.


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