Filthy’s Guide to 2011 Spring Trends & Color Schemes


Credit: Style Caster Unmatched Color Scheme

If you are like me you can sometimes get stuck in the runt of wearing black, gray and white. They are what I like to call the “safe colors” but this Spring I encourage you and I am encouraging myself to break out of the shell and try some pops of color that might be not in your regular comfort zone. This Spring one of the major trends is 70’s glamour think lot of 70’s colors and combinations. Purple and Orange, Green and Purple, Black and Green, Creme and Orange with splashes of Gold added to those combinations. Gold is like the new black this Spring it is instant glamour! Neutrals are another staple color that can replace white.

spring 2011 fashion color trends

A great option for those who love bright colors but understand they can come off as a little obnoxious. This yellow is more of a muted down 70’s inspired one.

Polka Dots Fashion Trend For Spring Summer 2011 11 300x283 Polka Dots Fashion Trend For Spring/Summer 2011Polka dots

Polka Dots
This is definitely screaming 70’s. Not your typical polka dots, very chic! I Love the pinks,oranges and browns mixes.
Prints are not easy to pull off it really takes a good eye to put the right ones together. You don’t have to get crazy with it. I like to do one print mixed with a solid or  different prints with the same color scheme. Stick with those neutral colors and you really can’t go wrong.


Night Cap
This is a very interesting trend: Silk/Satin Pj’s Gone Daytime look. I like some of these looks but you definitely have to do this in a tasteful way or it go you’ll be going on the dark side and become on the People of Walmart site  if you know what I mean.


I am all about sheer, this has been a trend for sometime now. I am really obsessed with the long sheer like skirts like the first photo. Another look I love is sheer and leather just always make sure it is tasteful and not too risque.


Long Skirts
I’ve said it before and I will say it again long skirts are the next must have item. They are so laid back and fun and there are so many different styles to try. Think layered, tiered, solid or print there is no excuse to not try them out. Pair with a more form fitting top to balance out the fabric from the skirt.
The New Stripe
I am obsessed with The New Striped it is again such a throw back to the 70’s. “There’s no need to retire your Jean Seberg Breton striped boatneck, but your favorite horizontals have received the designer treatment. Get technicolor care of Prada, ’70s prep by way of Celine, or naughty by Marc Jacobs – just don’t forget to read between the lines.” Stylecaster 


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