Bringing Back the Fanny Pack

Happy New Years lovers! Sorry for the delay in posts life has been crazy and I haven’t got a moment to write on Filthy. I just got back from San Fran last night! My boyfriend took me for our Christmas present, it was so much fun. I love the feeling of being in a city and being able to walk around anywhere you want without having to drive far. Although, when we wanted to see the “tourist”things we had to use public transpo. We felt so accomplished when we got to somewhere we wanted using it because those bus routes are confusing as hell. Many of times we walked which was totally fine but freezing. My favorite highlights were for sure our hotel( Hotel Frank) it’s a boutique hotel right by Union Square aka by all the shopping. It was decorated so cute, think contemporary meets classic. The Disney Museum was amazing ( hard to get to) but amazing I couldn’t believe the interactive technology and well they stuck to the Disney aesthetic of it. I definitely recommend it if you are a Disney fan like Muah! Alcatraz was very interesting and had some of the most beautiful views. Shopping wise didn’t buy anything can you believe it??! Everytime I have money to shop I can’t find a thing it boggles my mind. Anyway back to this Fanny Pack post, the whole time in San Fran I used one of my bf’s artist edition fanny packs. It was a savior! If you ever get sick of carrying your heavy purse while walking for long periods I am telling you fanny it up. I forgot I had a purse most of the time and I loved having it right next to me in a safe place. I know what your thinking fanny packsareso90sakamyfirstpursewhenIwaseight but honestly I think it’s time to bring these back and make them chic! There’s obviously a place and time for a fanny but they are some amazing designer ones that make it okay to wear everyday!

I am not  a huge Rhianna fan but she is rockin these fannys right!

The always stylish Carrie wore a fanny before


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