Long Skirts and Hiker Boots

It only seems logical that in the winter we transition from short skirts to long skirts. I think long skirts are easily forgotten somehow but really they are secretly an amazing bottom piece for an ensemble. When I think of long skirts I think of the Olsens automatically and their grunge look. Long skirts are so much more laid back then short ones but the trick is you most likely have to wear a shoe with height or you will get buried in the skirt. Also tops with the long skirts should be more fitted and less baggy or you will look just blah. Think sweaters and fitted shirts or jackets.That’s when the “lumber jack” shoes come in. I am still on the fence on whether on not I like these but they are different and I think possible to work. Basically these shoes look like hiker boots a man would wear with heels on them but their ruggedness is making them pretty trendy right now. There are different versions that look less like a man’s boot and more like a boot made in to an ankle heel so you can definitely test out how crazy you want to get. My question is would you rock these?

How to Wear It

795 EUR – colette.fr
Couture sweaters »

L’Agence Velvet maxi skirt
$395 – net-a-porter.com
Long velvet skirt »

Heide Hiker Platform
$70 – freepeople.com
Ankle booties »

Nude Studded Britannia Clutch
$1,500 – ssense.com
Box clutch »


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