Sarah Leora: Fashion Designer

I love hearing from my readers it really makes my day. Sarah Leora who is a fellow Filthy reader, reached out to me and showed me how she’s going for her dreams. I am ALL about independent designers and people who go after what they want so this had to be shared!

Sarah attended summer classes at F.I.T, learned how to sew and pick out fabrics so she could persue her dreams of being a fashion designer. She uses Audrey Hepburn ( we love her here at Filthy) as her muse to design her collections. She enlisted the help of local seamstress, and her friends and family to assist her with modeling, photography and the creation of the garments. By the way she is only seventeen, I was shocked about this after seeing her creations!

Her collection is very Audrey meets vintage ballerina meets girl next door. Everything is very feminine which I love and  delicate. Her garments range from 100 and up which is a little pricy but everything seems specialized so that is definitely alright by me.

Check out her collection here


“The Black Dress”

Mon Jolie Ballerina”


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