This is my inspiration of the day: Dying to Be Beautiful, Photography is by Tom Ford.

This photoshoot is totally Nip/Tuck ish which I love. It is truly a beautiful artistic piece and it plays on the idea of beauty, pain,lust and acceptance.

Here’s the explanation I found about this photoshoot:

“In the movie Inception there is a moment in that scene set in a Paris café when after explaining to Ariadne (Ellen Page) that one never really remembers the beginning of a dream Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) asks her how they both ended up at the table. Not quite sure how she got there, Cobb reveals to Ariadne that they’re both dreaming as a part of her first lesson in shared dreaming. At that point the street rumbles, table settings explode, and the very fabric of the dream begins to unravel. It is precisely this sensation of not remembering a dream’s beginning that accompanies the latest Vogue Paris editorial featuring Ford’sCrystal Renn. We’re not quite sure how we got here, but we now know there’s nothing whatsoever controversial about saying Crystal is a fixture of Carine Roitfeld‘s peerless publication. We also know that we are not dreaming — this is real.

The occasion of Crystal’s latest story is the holiday issue of Vogue Paris guest edited by Tom Ford, who has reemerged from the womenswear wilderness with a new line of his own. The story, titled “La Panthère Ose,” photographed by the former Gucci creative director and styled by Vogue Paris editor in chief, takes a sideways glance at plastic surgery mediated romance. Impossibly full lips, high cheekbones, and surgical gauze punctuate the proceedings that witness no shortage of passion, transformation, and possibly the most suggestive use of Coca Light to date — and no, we ain’t talking about watching the tube. True to Ford’s photographic form there is a wryness to the portraits that is aided in no small part by Crystal herself, a model whose versatility places her in a class of her own.

The story, Crystal’s fifth for Vogue Paris this year, underscores an already well established editorial career, but also points to a deepening relationship with the Vogue Paris editor in chief. In many ways Crystal transmits Roitfeld’s unique vision onto the page whether she’s being shot by Steven KleinDavid Sims,Mert & MarcusTerry Richardson, or now Tom Ford. Whatever Carine Roitfeld has up her sleeve for 2011 the Ford Models Blog is willing to guess in part that it will involve Crystal Renn. Some might call that dreaming, but having seen what Crystal did over the last twelve months, we know it is anything but.

Credits include: Publication, Vogue Paris №913 décembre/janvier 2010-2011; Title, “La Panthère Ose”; Photography, Tom Ford; Fashion editor, Carine Roitfeld.”

Crystal Renn | Vogue Paris Déc/Jan 2010-2011 (Photography: Tom Ford)

Crystal Renn | Vogue Paris Déc/Jan 2010-2011 (Photography: Tom Ford)Crystal Renn | Vogue Paris Déc/Jan 2010-2011 (Photography: Tom Ford)Crystal Renn | Vogue Paris Déc/Jan 2010-2011 (Photography: Tom Ford)Crystal Renn | Vogue Paris Déc/Jan 2010-2011 (Photography: Tom Ford)Crystal Renn | Vogue Paris Déc/Jan 2010-2011 (Photography: Tom Ford)Crystal Renn | Vogue Paris Déc/Jan 2010-2011 (Photography: Tom Ford)


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