Outfit Posts Of the Week: All About Layering

Okay loves so I am going to be trying something new on Filthy and updating with some outfit posts.. meaning me showing you what I wear and how I wear it. It’s kind of ridiculous that I haven’t done too many of these because I am always talking about trends and how to wear them yet I hardly show my ways of wearing them. I don’t really like people taking pictures of me by myself. I think maybe because it comes off as “look at me I am so hot”. But that isn’t the point, the point is don’t look at my face but my outfit instead.I’ve gotten better since I model for Hips and Hair now ( my bf’s t-shirt line). I will promise to get better at this and show a better connection between trends I love, how I am wearing them AND I want to see how you guys are wearing them!

Where: In my bf’s bathroom ( didn’t want to ask him to take a picture of me so now I look so “myspace” excuse my iphone:) )

Occasion: Going to my bf’s grandparent’s house

Wearing: Fedora from Target, Blazer from H&M, Sweater from Forever 21 circa 2006, Plaid Shirt ( Target)

* The plaid shirt is under my sweater but when I take the blazer off you can definitely see it under the sweater. This was a little brave of me because I didn’t think the plaid would look good under the sweater but it actually was really cute ( sorry I don’t have a picture) I learned layering is key not only because it is freezing but because it really makes an outfit come alive. Don’t be afraid to take risks with Fashion.



Where: Bf’s Room

Occassion: Running errands on a cold day

* Black long sleeve by Rubbish, Scarf by Louis Vuitton, Lace Tank Top at Hot Topic (I know unbelievable but was only 10 bucks) Sweatshirt Quicksilver



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