Hunter Boots the New Uggs?

I am really loving Hunter Boots right now,aka the creators of the original Wellington boot made popular by the British royal family and such fashionistas like Kate Moss & Rachel Bilson. They are known for their fit, comfort and durability meaning these boots will last a good lifetime. They are more of a rain boot but can also function as an everyday look. I am so happy these classic boots are getting some more attention because I am sick of UGGS being the go to boot for the colder seasons. Also unlike UGGS it is perfectly acceptable to wear Hunter boots in the summer unlike UGGS in the summer ( we know who those people are). Hunter offers different colors and styles, my favorites are the ones that look like a sock has been folded over the top and I also am loving the crocodile style very classsy. Hunter Boots start out at $125 and up so definitely not out of reach and worth the investment.

Click Here for the link to Neiman Marcus where they sell them:)


My Faves: Leopard Hunters… Need them Now!

Rachel & Hilary rocking the crocodile style.

Kate Moss loves her Hunters.. kinda kills me she can get them all muddy.


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