I’m Loving..Velvet & Fedoras

Velvet is a new material that is on the rise for the colder months. It is very classy but doesn’t always necessarily have to be part of a dressy outfit. Velvet can be that one “pop out piece” in your ensemble. Remember it is a pop out piece so don’t overdose on it or we’ll be back to Juicy Couture suits from the early 2000’s. Now Fedoras are my new obsession, I am really into hats now. I think I just love how they can make your outfit feel a little more complete plus they hide those annoying bad hair days. It’s a great accessory for fall that I recommend getting your paws on.


*  Hat

* Blazer

* Dress

* Colors

Winter Kate Blue Velvet Saxon Shorts

Nicole’s Winter Kate Blue Velvet Saxon

If you wear a velvet dress make sure the waist is clinched somehow like Jessica’s so you don’t look like you are drowning in fabric.

Velvet shoes like these from Opening Ceremony are a great pop out piece for your ensemble.

Velvet Cardigans are a simple way to add the piece to an everyday look.

Dress up a look with a velvet blazer like Rachel.



2 thoughts on “I’m Loving..Velvet & Fedoras

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