Rodarte Spring 2011 Ready to Wear

Rodarte was all over the place on the runway and I loved it. Honestly couldn’t predict what the next look was going to be. They were ballsy and mixed patterns you wouldn’t normally mix yet somehow together looked amazing.”The sisters, who now reside in Pasadena, grew up in Northern California, and it was the redwoods native to that part of the country from which this collection sprouted. On the phone the night before the show, Laura promised “every shade of brown you can imagine, seventies suburbia, wood paneling, gold, off colors like chartreuse—basically, a combination of all the things that represent the area to us.” ( You definitely see a very northern, woodsy feel in their collection which actually I think could pass as a fall collection as well. I really commend these sisters for putting a collection together that was not of the norm.

Vogue Gallery

Who would thing of putting these to patterns together? Yet they look so chic and it works.

Vogue Gallery

I didn’t expect this dress to pop up next in the collection, the colors are amazing it literally pops the detail on the top is beautiful.

Vogue Gallery

I love the structure of this dress and the peek a boo sides

Vogue Gallery

This dress is drop dead gorgeous the color, the cut, loves it. It could be also cute without the drapery hanging under the skirt.


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