Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Ready to Wear

Marc is one of my favorite designers and I couldn’t wait to see what he had to show this fall on the runway. Lots of color such has orange and pink, prints on silk, and halter and strapless jumpsuits. It looks very 70’s inspired and a total opposite from his prior fall collection which was based on neutrals. Marc explained “I was at Naomi Campbell’s birthday party in Cannes,” Jacobs said backstage, “and all the girls wore these long dresses, and after dancing all night they hitched them up to the waist.” He went on to mention the New York Dolls and Yves Saint Laurent as references—”the usual faves”—plus Naomi’s pal Marpessa and other big runway girls of the day. Remember fun? If Jacobs has his way, it could be back.” (

Vogue Gallery

I loved the black with the pop of gold on this dress, this dress is chic without trying hard.

Vogue Gallery

Obsessed with this coat, it is my favorite piece from the collection it is so giant and feminine and me in a nutshell.

Vogue Gallery

This shirt is so Marc, I love it paired with the high-waisted shorts and the flower just gives a playful touch.

Vogue Gallery

I love this color and the bell sleeves it’s not your typical dress which is exciting.

Vogue Gallery

I love the sheer and satin mix on this jumpsuit it is so 70’s loves it.

Ps. That’s Alessandra Ambrosio from Victoria’s Secret..


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