Fall Trends: High Boots, Ankle Wedges & Oxfords

Shoes for fall are always exciting. There is just something amazing about pairing a good shoe with lots of layers in the cold weather. This fall again high boots are here to stay. Remember to pair these with short dresses, leggings and a long shirt or tights and shorts. A new shoe I am happy that is returning is the ankle wedges with a tie love them! I had a pair in middle school or high school and they are just perfect to add to any outfit. Oxfords are here to stay. The mixing of feminie and masculine is still a hot trend and oxfords are the perfect alternative flat for you to try.

Here’s the inspiration:

High Boots

fashion trend2 Thigh High Boot Trend For Fashion Forward Women

* In love with the high socks peeking out from under the boot so hot

Ankle Wedge

* Leopard wedges=the better


Candela Mesh Lace Oxfords, $153.99

* Oxfords are the new flats pair them with anything


2 thoughts on “Fall Trends: High Boots, Ankle Wedges & Oxfords

    • Thank you so much that means a lot! love you blog as well:) Yes I love analyzing trends.. probably my favorite thing ❤

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