Fall Trend: Lingerie,Leather and Lace

Something I’ve been noticing lately my filthy readers is that a lot of trends from last fall are coming back to this fall. If you are a dedicated reader  you will notice that a lot of things I predicted for fall last  year are coming back in full force. Not many new trends are around, I think just the old ones are coming back with vengeance. Lingerie as outer wear and leather and lace is nothing new as far as trends go but def a must have for the fall. I love mixing feminine with masculine aka lace and leather so I am excited this trend is sticking around. Now lingerie as outer wear can be dangerous, we don’t want to encourage girls to dress slutty instead using lingerie as a feminine and powerful look.

Here comes the inspiration:

Lingerie as Outerwear

* Little camisole mixed with leather is the perfect place to start with this trend.

* I love the stockings paired with boots


* Lace is a great extra to incorporate in your outfits. It can be as easy as a lace scarf, lace jacket or lace tights, just a splash of lace is perfect for fall.


* When in doubt add a leather jacket

* One leather piece per outfit please

* You can rock leather pants but it isn’t easy down play it with a sweater like Ashley Olsen or a super feminine top, it’s all about playing with opposites


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