Do you love it? Romp It Up

Romps are a girls dream come true a top and shorts connected without having to go through the trouble of searching through your clothes for an actual top and bottom. Romps are so versatile you can dress them up or dress them down and they compliment a lot of body types. That is what makes romps one of my favorite summer trends. I am still on the look for a good romp but I definitely recommend my friend Junko’s fashion creations at Purrr for your romp needs. She takes vintage clothes and revamps them. She just created some amazing romps that I am drooling over. You can find her every Sunday at the Melrose Trading Post (
Romps are perfect to add accessories to, such as a mini purse and a pair of wedges or oxfords. When buying a romper be sure that the elastic that is seperating the top from bottom hits you in a comfortable place and that those shorts aren’t giving you a wedgie. Also if you have short legs like me pair your romps with wedges if you have long legs opt for the oxfords. Make sure also if you have a romp of your own that it doesn’t look like a puffer in your romp but instead it is complimenting it:)

Here’s some romp inspiration:

Purrr Leopard Romp

Purrr’s Polka Dot Romper

Nicole loves romps.

Romps on the runway show how easy it is to dress them up or down.

The Olsen’s silky romp is perfect for a night on the town.Sienna Miller Rocks a Romper But Can You, Here's How

Sienna Miller’s twenty8twelve romper matched with oxfords. Buy Sienna’s romper here:

Get Rachel’s perfect romper look:

lace romper
410 GBP –
More 3.1 Phillip Lim rompers »


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