Do You love it? Hair Flares

A new summer trend that I see on the rise is hair flares. Hair flares are tiny strands of tinsels that you can knot into your hair. They come in various colors and can last up to 2 weeks. Yes you can shower, straighten and curl your hair with them in which is amazing! It is really fun to use them on a night on the town..or just to switch up your hair and add a little shimmer to it. It is a very new trend and really fun to try with a bunch of girlfriends. Actually funny story I recently went to a bachelorette party and we all were tinsled out and this cougar came up to me and said she put these in Beyonce’s hair for the Grammy’s. I looked it up and yes Beyonce wore them for the Grammy’s but I don’t think this cougar put them in. Anyways color wise if you are a blonde I suggest wearing the gold colored ones to add a glimmer to your hair. The blue ones are beautiful paired with black hair. The bronze ones are perfect for brunettes and act as a beautiful highlight.

Filthy told you first! Here are two places to get them from: and ( this is where we got ours)


4 thoughts on “Do You love it? Hair Flares

  1. Filthy Gorgeous Blog! i love everything about it! I’m in love with hair flairs they’re fabulous! I love how they’re so quirky and wierd speaking of quirky and wierd I make some strange accessories and I was wondering if you’d like to take a look just come to my blog @
    I’ll add you as my link if you do the same! kisses and hugs
    -vanilla chinchilla ❤

    • Hi Girl,
      Thanks! Yes I would love to do a blog exchange. Is that your blog? or is there another page with your accessories cause I only saw one picture.
      Let me know:)
      Filthy Gorgeous Fashion

  2. Love hair the hair flares! I ware them everywhere and always get that extra sparkle! I always get comments!

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