YMI Jeans Fall 2010 Debut

This past Wednesday I was invited to the YMI 2010 Fall Debut at Drai’s at the W hotel by my boyfriend’s friend Stephanie Von Tesmar  who works at a  PR company in New York. She asked me if I would like to do a little write up on Filthy about it and I of course agreed. It is a dream of mine to go to fashion events and blog about them so I was so excited to attend my first one.

I got to Drai’s pretty early because A) I am a dork and B) I was nervous. I am not a regular clubber  so I had no idea what to do aka I felt like an idiot. Luckily I was able to drag my boyfriend along. After being allowed to walk through the ropes we entered an elevator that took us to the 12th floor aka Drai’s. The environment was very Hollywood like complete with a pool and actual beds that acted as cabanas. We sat down and I was offered a drink free of charge which by the way was delish it was some kind of lemonade drink.

June 30,  2010:  DRAI'S HOLLYWOOD WITH YMI DENIMAfter waiting for a couple of hours I wondered if the fashion show was even going to happen. The event was suppose to be 9-11 but at 10:30 I was getting a little nervous. I had to remind myself it was a hollywood event aka things don’t start till midnight but I was anxious. I was excited when I spotted the uncle from  Weeds ( yes my celebrity radar was on). But was getting antsy and tired of waiting. Finally 11:30 hit and I was beginning to think the fashion show wasn’t going to happen especially since there was nothing set up and only go go dancers dancing on the one stage. We decided to go down the elevator to leave. As a I was in the elevator I noticed a girl who looked “in charge” I asked her  if the fashion show was happening and she said “yes in 10 minutes”. This would happen I thought as we turned to go back up the elevators. We sat around for another half an hour and then the fashion show started. If you would call it that. I am not gonna lie was kinda disappointed. It was definitely more of a party then a fashion per say but an interesting experience despite that. I watched as two guys rapped and girls walked on the tiny stage with their YMI looks on. It wasn’t that long maybe 5 minutes but luckily I found pictures from the event to share with you guys my favorite looks for the fall 2010 line. Thanks Stephanie for inviting me again! All the photos are courtesy of Jack Fleming.

I love this denim dress it is so versatile I think it would so perfect paired with some wedges  and a huge hat for the summer.

These jeans are a nice change up from your basic jean I really like the zippers ( I am a zipper fiend) and I love the embellishment of studs on the side of the leg. You kind of would think the pocket is akward but it works with this look. This jean also would be cute to pair with a green military style jacket.


I really like this skirt it is like edgy ballerina, the waist band helps accentuate your waist so you don’t drown in the skirt.

I love the wash of these jeans, it is acid looking but the perfect blend not the overdone acid look from the 80s it is just right. I also am a skinny jean lover so I totally am loving the style.

This is a similar style like the acid wash but a darker wash which is really flattering for curvy girls. I love these cause they kind of look like leggings so I imagine they must be comfy.


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