I’m freee..

Hello Loves,

So it’s official I am an alumni of The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a major in Visual Communications. To be honest I can’t believe I survived! It was a long and grueling two years and I pretty much worked my ass off to get through it with good grades. I’ve dealt with the  frustration telling people you go to a fashion design school and them looking at you like your an idiot or assuming you are going to be a designer. (I’ve learned to ignore it luckily). Any student from there will tell you it is anything but easy. I get it real college you have papers and tests but at FIDM we had that and on top of it PROJECTS which basically consume your life. When I was taking a drafting class and a drawing class at the same time ( bad idea) I literally would select movies for the day to watch from the morning to night to get me through my homework. So yes, it is a fashion school but no not everyone is designers and no it is not a breeze. Okay enough of me preaching about how hard it was, I survived and now I am in this weird place in life where I have no worries. I haven’t been there in a while, I like to call it a after college crisis. You work so hard to meet goals and deadlines for two years and finally you reach them and then it’s the feeling of.. “now what”? I am going to start the job search nonetheless and will keep you guys up to date on what happens. Hopefully I will find something that makes me happy to go to work everyday because that’s all I really want.  

It is so important to do something in life that makes you want to get up every morning. It has to be a passion of yours or else what’s the point of wasting away most of your life to a job you hate and have gotten nothing out of. I’ve worked at Hot Dog on a Stick for 5 years this month.. I know it’s crazy. Yes, some people laugh at me and say omgosh how do you wear the uniform? and other lovely things ( I’ve heard it all). But honestly, what has keep me there for so long is that I actually love my job and I actually get some kind of satisfication out of it. Do I want to be a hotdogger forever? Nope. But it’s been the perfect job for me as a poor student trying to get by. What more could ask for? I heard something at Graduation that really inspired me. Don’t let yourself be the reason you don’t follow your dreams. We really are our own worst enemies when you think about it. How many times have you doubted yourself or overanalyzed something and immediately thought the worst would happen? How many times have you missed opportunities because you were intimidated or scared to fail? Whenever you get extremely nervous about something or think you can’t do it you have to look at that experience as something that is going to make you grow. The unknown equals fear initially for most of us. But we must always remember that if we don’t go outside our comfort zone how will we learn or grow from experiences? I want you all to never let someone tell you you can’t do something but mostly let youself stop you from doing something that can make you grow and get you closer to your dreams.


Filthy Gorgeous Fashion


One thought on “I’m freee..

  1. I’m guilty as charged I sometimes think it’s fluff, a glorified fashion playground but then I think of the day we walked through those glass doors and entered. A modern oasis your eyes lit up I honestly think I could hear your heart pounding with excitement I knew right there and then I was going to move mountains to help you attend fidm and you made mama proud you worked your b
    uttooty off your commitment and drive amazed. Me but your passion and curiousity intrigued me not many people find their passion in life at such a early age god blessed you and you certainaly worked extremly hard for it j so if I’m ever one of those people who down plays fashion school know in my heart I’m so proud you followed your passion and dream and I love you completly

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