Sneak Peek: Sex and the City 2 Style Guide

Sex and the City has been one of my strongest influences/inspirations since discovering it in 6th grade on the HBO we had free for three months. I was fascinated with their vulgar words but mostly the way they best represented women and of course their fashion by the great Patricia Fields. Sex and the City was and is such a success because the story lines are so spot on and sometimes so relatable. So maybe we haven’t had a guy ask to let him pee on us but we definitely have all had a Big or an Aidan and have felt the bond of a girl friendship. Anyways, Filthy knows what you want a sneek peek the outfits you will be seeing on the big screen and some behind the scenes about the looks courtesy of some INSTYLE research ;0. Your welcome
xoxo Filthy Gorgeous


After six seasons on the small screen and two movies, Co-Costume Designers Molly Rogers and Patricia Field know their girls backwards and forwards. “It’s so easy to dress all of them—you’re just standing in front of the racks and something jumps out at you, like, ‘That’s a fabulous color for Cynthia; that’s so Charlotte,'” says Rogers. “[Even] salespeople now are like, ‘I’ve got a really cute skirt for Kristin.'” 

Miranda: Bottega Veneta dress, vintage belt, Christian Louboutin pumps, Kara Ross clutch and Alexis Bittar bracelets. 
Carrie: Halston Heritage dress, Christian Louboutin heels, Solange Azagury-Partridge necklace. 
Samantha: Vintage Item dress, Patricia Field mules, VBH clutch. 
Charlotte: Christian Dior suit and bag, Christian Louboutin pumps.

The biggest thrill for the designers was shooting the fashionable foursome away from Manhattan—and making them harmonize. “I think the whole idea of this trip was like a symphony or concerto with the other three and Carrie together,” says Field. “It’s like a girl group—it’s like they’re the Supremes!” 

Miranda: Vintage jumpsuit, Samantha Wills earrings and Ralph Lauren shoes. 
Carrie: Halston Heritage dress, Low Luv bracelet, vintage turban and Manolo Blahnik shoes. 
Samantha: Ralph Lauren. 
Charlotte: Li Cari ( the designer Jazmin is who I intern for so excited for her!), Julien David scarf, Chanel belt, Miu Miu shoes, Patricia Underwood hat and Cartier bracelets.

An 11th-hour visit to underground designers, The Blonds, took this scene in a radical new direction. “That was a real last-minute deal,” Rogers says of the looks. “Pat’s original idea was to have them all in long dresses like a girl singing group.” Instead, Samantha’s studded dress and Carrie’s jeans were hastily (and stunningly!) added to the mix. 

Miranda: Vintage Halston dress, vintage belt. 
Carrie: Chanel skirt over Closed jeans (customized with crystals by The Blonds), Stella McCartney blouse, vintage headpiece. 
Samantha: The Blonds dress, vintage belt, Nicole Romano earrings and Le Vive ring. Charlotte: Vintage YSL dress, Blu by Betty Lou Moscot earrings and Jack Vartanian bracelet.

Flashdance was the starting point for Carrie’s first flashback outfit, along with Rogers’ own ’80s wardrobe. “All of us had plastic see-through bags,” she says of working at Patricia Field’s Lower East Side shop. “I got mine out of storage.” But the biggest sticking point was the (flat!) shoes. “I’m sure it was extremely difficult for [SJP],” jokes Rogers. “We toyed with lots of different shoes, Doc Martens and things like that, but we thought it was classic Americana to be in a sneaker.” 

Carrie: Vintage sweatshirt, Jordache jeans, vintage luggage and Converse sneakers.

Sarah Jessica Parker was very hands on when it came to putting together her character’s unforgettable looks. “She would go through the racks and do Kiss or Kill,” says Rogers, explaining, “Like it and it stays or you kindly kill it. She’s a very fast edit. She can whittle down 20 racks in no time.” 

Carrie: Emilio Pucci dress, Zac Posen belt, Marc Walsh/Leslie Chin for Rodarte cuff and Chanel bag.

“I believe that was our first day out,” Rogers says of Carrie’s already iconic outfit (as seen in the movie’s posters!). “When I see her coming out of that building it feels really right.” The duo added glittering accessories to a simple white jersey dress. “It’s clean and sophisticated and that Solange necklace is the little twist.” 

Carrie: Halston Heritage dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, Mykita sunglasses, Solange Azagury-Partridge necklace and Chanel clutch.

The designers went all the way to Paris to find a new signature necklace for Carrie. “It is just alive and on fire with diamonds,” Rogers says of the Chahan Minassian piece. “We thought that was incredible to get that on her, because the shamrock stands for luck.” Not only did they swap out the silver chain for a gold one, but the duo used the necklace as a bracelet in another scene. 

Carrie: Halston Heritage dress, Christian Louboutin shoes and bag, Jimmy Choo cuff and Chahan Minassian clover necklace

One of my Favorites, I am a sucker for tutus:)

The outfit Carrie wore while shopping in Abu Dhabi was the product of pure serendipity. During a fitting, Sarah Jessica Parker removed a Zac Posen ballgown to reveal a purple and gray crinoline. “She was like, ‘Look at this!’,” says Rogers, who paired it with a tee from the series. “Pat was really pleased to get the “J’Adore Dior” shirt in as kind of a wink and nod to the past—and who doesn’t like that shirt?” The result? Magic. “For me, to have her standing in a souk in that kind of antebellum hoop skirt—that’s very Sex and The City.” 

Carrie: Christian Dior T-shirt, Zac Posen shirt and underskirt, Manolo Blahnik sandals, Andrea Lieberman bracelet and vintage bag

An unusually long production schedule allowed the designers to consider an unprecedented amount of clothing. “New clothing just kept coming into the [wardrobe] room,” says Rogers. “We would call in the world and fill that room up to the brim.” The extra time permitted them to pull spectacular numbers from designer archives, like this beaded gown from Naeem Khan’s Spring 2008 collection. 

Samantha: Naeem Khan dress and Jimmy Choo clutch.

Samantha lounges on a Middle Eastern chaise in a sweeping chartreuse robe. “It has a bridal train,” says Rogers. “That takes me somewhere else. Pat does the fantasy of it all so well. You don’t want to see Kim in a T-shirt and sweatpants.” 

Samantha: Jean Paul Gaultier robe, Patricia Field mules (on floor).

Charlotte’s number one designer? Oscar de la Renta. “Oscar is just a go-to person for Kristin’s character,” says Rogers. “She’s a Park Avenue girl, a Manhattan girl and he just nails it for Charlotte.” And as a big bonus for a mother of two: “They also have matching girl dresses.” 

Charlotte: Oscar de la Renta dress, Nancy Gonzalez tote.

Charlotte’s tribal-print dress was whimsically accessorized with a piece from Chanel: “it was actually a belt on her head.” 

Charlotte: Lanvin dress and Chanel belt (worn as headband).

Miranda transitioned from a corporate wardrobe into loose dresses in autumnal colors. “I still think of her in bold African stripes,” Rogers says of the flattering new look. And why less suits? “When Pat’s telling a story, the most important thing to her is where are the characters in their lives: like, how successful is Miranda?” 

Miranda: Zero + Maria Cornejo dress, Reid & Reid belt and Lanvin bag.

Classic movies were the starting point for Miranda’s desert looks. “Our inspiration when dressing her was the iconic Katharine Hepburn in African Queen,” says Rogers. “Fair skin protected by good hats, long skirts.”

Miranda: Hermes dress, Elizabeth and James jacket, vintage hat and Pepito earring


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