Do you love it.. Bathing Suit Trends?

It’s finally almost summer time and it’s time for us to pick a new bikini that we will be living in during the next hot months. It’s so important to pick a bathing suit that you will feel comfortable in and one where you don’t have to worry about a muffin top forming or a nip slip.

A quick guide for body types: 

If you have.. Wide Shoulders: Balance is everything, wear bottoms that have a lot of color and print. Go for shoulder straps that are wide and square necklines. Avoid V-necks or tennie bikini bottoms.

If you have.. big tatas- Halter tops are perfect for taming your girls and avoiding a slip. Avoid strapless and tri-angle tops that wont help support you.

If you have..short legs- Look for a swimsuit that is cut high on the thigh if will help elongate your legs. If you like one-pieces get one with a plunging neckline that will also help create a long appearance. Avoid boy shorts because it will draw the eye down making you look shorter.

If you have..a long body- You can try horizontal stripes and boy shorts are perfect for you. Avoid up and down stripes and high necklines 

If you are.. small on top- look for tops with a little padding or under wire support also adjustable straps will help create some boobies. Lucky you get to wear strapless bandeau tops and ruffles will help give the appearance of more

If you are.. Curvy- Dark cool colors suit you best. Try a one piece  with some cut-outs or a deep V-line. Lengthen your thigh with an adjustable ruching detail at the hip or add a little sarong and some wedges for a beautiful look. Avoid white and revealing too much but also don’t cover up to much show off those curves.

If you got.. a little pooch- Don’t worry. How many times have we felt bloated and just didn’t feel like showing off our stomachs? Tankinis are always a good option or just throw on a sarong and type it right below the belly button it will give the appearance of a flat midsection. Also one pieces are really hot this summer try rocking one.

If you got.. a big bootay ( like me)- I like wearing bikini bottoms that tie that way  you don’t have to worry about excess hanging out. Make sure you get a bottom that fits you don’t want it too look like there’s poop in your pants but at the same time you don’t want it skin tight. Try to put on the detail on top if you don’t want attention at your booty.

Here is some inspiration:

Cut Away Bikini- This is perfect for anyone who might not feel like revealing everything but still wants to feel super sexy and classy. I love these the only bad thing is bad tan lines but if this is going to be your main bikini then no worries. I think these a perfect with some Jackie O shades and beautiful hat like from Bijou Van Ness she has amazing chic hats she creates.Cut away bikini trend 2010

Dressing up Swimwear– I got so excited when I saw these amazing coverups on the runway. It is chic to leave a little to the imagination but at the same time not having to cover fully up. These are perfect for giving you a boost of confidence at the beach or pool.Bikini accessory trends 2009

Vintage- Inspired- I am such a sucker for these types of bathing suits they scream chic. I love the shorts that hit right above the belly button. I think this is definitely the look i might try to go for this summer. These one’s from Diane Von Furstenburg are perfect. The one piece is so beautiful and totally wearable for anyone.

 Diane von Furstenberg 2010

Other Favorites 


 Kimchi Blue Striped Sailor One Piece $88

 Billabong Runway Ruffle One Piece $120


Bijou Van Ness Hat 


3 thoughts on “Do you love it.. Bathing Suit Trends?

  1. I am small on top, and I like to wear padded triangle tops. Great tip about the ruffles – will try that, and it will prob help balance out my bigger bottom half! I also like to wear Nippies underneath my top since I like to boogie board and don’t want anything popping out to say hello!

    • hahaha good idea! I’ve had that happen way to many times especially with my bottoms

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