Inspired.. Grace Coddington

Lately I have just been so inspired by Grace Coddington Creative Director of US Vogue. I fell in love with her after watching The September Issue. Not only is she in my opinion, the best stylist of our time, she also is 68 and still styling everyone in her shoots herself. She is so incredibly talented and inspiring. Her work is like a movie you just get sucked in and find yourself in awe of the image in front of you. I love that Grace stands up for herself against Anna Wintour ( one of the only who does) and stays true to herself. She is so humble you wouldn’t even know she is one of the most influential people in the fashion world. She inspires me to work hard in this industry and I aspire to be as good of a stylist as she is. Her work is a dream to look at very storybookesque.Here are some truly inspring work that Grace has done:

Their hair and shoes are drop dead gorgeous ah killing!


3 thoughts on “Inspired.. Grace Coddington

  1. OMG! You are my biggest inspiration I want to be a fashion designer when I ‘m older and reading your blog makes me so jealous because you have such an amazing privilege to go to an amazing college and have a fabulous blog! well I’m starting mine off and I love it And I was wondering if I could put you as one of my links and you put me as one of yours… Just asking I need readers and I’m still seeing if there are any other links to help me get promoted well I LOVE YOU! and YOUR FABULOUS BLOG!

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