Do You Love it? Denimize!

Denim is all the rage this Spring. It’s the new it piece I think to add to your outfit, but just make sure to not over denimize.I am excited that denim jackets and shirts are back because my mom had a ton from the 90’s and with a few tweaks I can actually wear them.. loves it. I think we forget how obsessed with denim we were in the 90’s so if you have some old jackets those are even better to wear then buying a new one.Some say it’s okay to wear jeans and a denim jacket, I say no no no. Pair denim by itself always!If you want to wear pants wear black jeans with the denim. I love denim shirts layered with a leather jacket so hot. Search for jackets,jeans,shirts and even dresses made out of denim to wear for the Spring months. Here’s some inspiration:

Chictopia Inspirations

Warehouse Gray Dress Topshop Shirt River Island Black Jacket Asos Black Purse Urban Outfitters Black BootsAbercrombie And Fitch Denim Blue Jacket American Apparel Liquid Black Leggings Sirens Studded Ankle Gray Boots H&m Basic White T-shirt Gift From China Floral Silk Pyjama Top Beige Intimate Ardene Pink ScarfH&m Denim Shirt Blue Jacket Random Pink Top F21 Floral Pink Skirt H&m White Shoes


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