Do You Love it? Summer Trends for 2010

The weather is already getting hotter which means the time has come to change our wardrobe. I am here to prepare you for the change and for the trends to come in these hotter months.

Neutrals & Earth Tones

Neutrals and earth tones are going to be really popular colors for the summer time. Match them with bold designs and prints or bright colored shorts or pumps. Matching these colors with bright ones creates a relaxed and chic look. Plus matched with a summer tan you will look amazing.

The Inspiration

Li Cari Spring/Summer Collection 2010


    Floral prints are taking over this summer, they are instantly feminine and chic. Yes, think  90’s baby doll dresses with floral prints matched with Doc Martins. It is such a versatile print, choose dresses, skirts, shorts and even shoes. I like mixing the print with a neutral to keep it classy and fun. If you are looking for a more vintage feel pair them with lace and bows. It is the perfect print for the hot days of summer

The Inspiration

Li Cari  Spring/Summer Collection 2010


Sheer Fabrics

 This look is very very tricky, it can be super classy but easily can look very sleezy. Obviously there is a line and you need to really think about how you are going to wear this look so you don’t look a flousy. I suggest always wearing a nude bra or a black bra depending on the shirt color. I love sheer that is peeking out in random places like the neckline or the back that is really hot. This look should be paired with a jacket so it leaves some mystery. For the summer, I love sheer shirts paired with some cute vintage looking shorts.

The Inspiration

Knee Over Socks

This trend has been faintly showing up for a couple of months and I see it getting more popular in the summer time. The knee over the socks is an unlikely fashion trend that when done well can be fun and femine. It is a great transition from the cold months into the hotter ones. I would pair them primarily with shorts and dresses.

The Inspiration


   Li Cari Runway Collection

Alexander Wang Runway Collection


Boyfriend Blazers

   The boyfriend blazer is here to stay. It is so versatile you can wear it with anything and it can easily go from night to day. I especially liked the sleeves rolled up for an effortless look.

The Inspiration


Kitten Heels- For those of us who can’t walk in heels our dreams have come true. The kitty heel is back which is a shorten version of the high heel. I think this is a fun trend on the horizon and perfect to give you a little lift without being uncomfortable all day. I will warn you there are some ugly ones out there so choose wisely.

Designer Shoes Women's Hot Shoe Trend Kitten Heels Spring Summer 2010 PicturesDesigner Shoes Women's Hot Shoe Trend Kitten Heels Spring Summer 2010 Pictures

Small Bags

 Forget that 10 pound purse you’ve been calling a baby and opt for small purses this summer. You will finally feel free from all the weight you’ve been carrying around.

The Inspiration



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