I’m loving..Us Trendy Finds

My loves over at Us Trendy have some amazing new unique designs that I am lustin over.Us Trendy is an international indie marketplace where designers from all over the world are able to sell their one of a kind designer accessories and apparel. What I love about their designs is they are one of kinds so possibly you are the only owner of that design, I think that is pretty amazing. I went gaga when I checked out their new stuff. Go here to browse and treat yourself to a hot piece of one of kinda clothing: http://store.ustrendy.com/.Here is some of my favorites:


Sweet Like Sugar Lollipop Skirt $ 166 by Devani Weaver


T- Shirt with Leaves $100 by Julia… amazing.


Sabrina Dress $55 by Lisa Jn. Marie http://store.ustrendy.com/product/1176_sabrina-dress/

From the Play with Fala clothing line $148 http://store.ustrendy.com/product/6225_dress/

Perfect draped mini for Springtime..loves it.


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